Farm day.

Today I volunteered to accompany Kerri's class to a farm - and not just any farm - but a haunted one. It was a bitterly cold day (the temperature was in the 20's Fahrenheit this morning) so we were all bundled up to spend the day outside.

Our first adventure was in the maze. I was in charge of three kids: my daughter Kerri, her ex-boyfriend (who is a classmate and our neighbor) and another little girl. The three kids found their way out of the maze, while I was walking around in circles calling out their names and trying to figure out how to get out.

Next, they jumped on a giant pillow. This was one of their favorite activities. They also watched a puppet show, attended an outdoor workshop on pumpkins, played on a pirate ship, several play structures, a giant slide, and then we all went on a long haunted hay ride.

I had fun buying treats for the kids at the bakery shop (chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick!) and then we ate lunch. The ex-boyfriend shared his meatball sub with Kerri (she has never liked sandwiches), and Kerri is now a fan of meatball subs, go figure. (So we had to stop at a sub store to buy her one for dinner).

When we were leaving, the ex-boyfriend (whose birthday party is tomorrow) held my hand, hugged me tight and told me he loved me. Kerri instantly got jealous, tried to separate us and told him to go find his own mommy because I was taken.

We had such a fantastic time together that I totally forgot to take pictures! And we will definitely be going back to the farm.

Life with Kerri is a tad jealous today.