House Dreams

When we're out on the road here in Michigan, killing time doing some shopping or looking for a farm stand selling the fruits of harvest, I love to look at the old Victorian houses that are so ubiquitous to these old towns.

They don't build them like this anymore.

These unique houses were built in the nineteenth century and have stood up to generations of use. It's great to see them respected and cared for and kept in beautiful condition.

These are the houses of my dreams. When I dream about "my" house, it's always something with lots of rooms and passageways and staircases. I love that upper story door on this house. The arched window is gorgeous. Can I go sit in that room? The beautifully designed woodwork trim, the wrap-around porch...I want to marry this house.

The attention to detail in these structures, always with gingerbread trim and embellishments, makes an otherwise plain brick home something special.

The antique stores here carry the remains of the pretty houses that have been taken down. For a wee price I could take these home for my little Northwest cottage.

I want.

My humble abode is just not grand enough for these kind of accoutrements.

I can almost imagine the regal room that featured these doors a hundred years ago.

If I could pack one of these into my suitcase and take it home, I would do it.