More birthday fun.

Today is Mommy's birthday. So Grandpa Oscar grilled Argentine style.

Cousins Laura and Haydee, and Nana shared a laugh or two. And that yummy apple cake was made by Laura and it was delicious!

And cousin Luis spent most of the afternoon chatting with Grandpa Oscar.

Daddy surprised Mommy with flowers, a red velvet birthday cake, and white chocolate. He also did all the work and washing up afterwards, and gave me a beautiful card.

The Argentine red wine helped put everyone in a festive mood.

And then Kerri helped Mommy blow out the birthday candles!

Kerri got to open some more birthday gifts. Thank you Laura for this wonderful book!

Kerri also got to open gifts from Haydee and Luis...we love the pajamas!

And last but not least, a gift from Carla and family....I think her expression says it all:

And when she was done opening her gifts....

Kerri helped Mommy open gifts too:

Kerri said this was a very pretty dress for Mommy. It is a shirt, but on her, I guess it could be a dress.

And then we chatted and laughed some more.

And of course, Pookie had to join in the fun.

Grandpa Oscar also got to open gifts - his birthday is Monday!

Thank you Luis, Haydee and Laura for coming down to see us and helping make my birthday memorable. We always have fun!

And thank you Nana, Grandpa Oscar and hubby for everything you do, every day. My birthday was special because the special people in my life were there to share it with me.

Life with Kerri is on a birthday binge.