Kate's Prayers

Dear Heabanly Father,
Thank you for this day.
Please bless we'll have a good day.
Please bless we'll choose the right.
Please bless in Japan.
Please bless all the broken arms and legs.
Please bless Danielle and Clay.
Please bless _____________(fill in with ANYone who she's heard a whisper of that's sick). Repeat several times.
Please bless that Heabanly Father and Jesus will come down and visit.
Please bless the spirit to be with us.
Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

She is so sweet. So thoughtful. And very thorough. I didn't even write half of what she normally says. She blesses a lot of people.

The kids were doing a lot of "asking" in the prayers and not very many "thank yous" so we had a Family Night Lesson on prayers. We talked all about everything we have to be grateful for. One thing that we touched on was being thankful for our bodies and how we had arms and legs. We could see and run and smell, etc. I reminded them of a man we'd seen at the park the week before that didn't have any legs. Their eyes got huge and I really thought they got it. I thought they'd start realizing everything we have to be grateful for.

Somehow, pointing out the man at the park, translated into Kate and Tanner blessing "all the broken arms and legs" in every single prayer. = ) It makes me smile with joy everytime.

I realize now that it's not even blessings for themselves that they are mainly asking for. They bless everyone around them in their prayers.

*and if Shad and I ever forget to bless the people in Japan or Danielle and Clay or the broken arms and legs, Kate reminds us during and after the prayer, "you forgot to bless....."