First day of school - second grade.

Yesterday was Kerri's first day of school. She was so excited, she barely ate her breakfast.

I took this picture at the school. She was happy that her ex boyfriend is in her class, but a little embarrassed at all the moms taking pictures.

And this purple ICarly backpack is her prized possession. Tia found it in Florida and shipped it up to us. Even though we already had a purple (peace signs and butterflies) backpack for school, this one was special.

Kerri's first day was awesome. I had to fill out some medical forms so they could administer her inhaler if needed, and dropped off her IEP recommendation(s) from our speech language pathologist. The school called me in right away to speak with the special education coordinator, and I signed some forms and we chatted about Kerri's needs. I also spoke with Kerri's new teacher, and gave her a copy of the recommendations as well.

Kerri is in a split grades 1-2 class, which she seems to like because she gets to mentor her younger classmates. Her teacher seems real nice. And the school is providing all supplies! All I had to send in was some tennis balls for the bottom of her chair (to reduce noise) and some tissue boxes.

Kerri and her friends got off the bus smiling - every single kid had a great day! Kerri seems to be happy, and she is thrilled because she has one lunch break and two snack breaks, and three recess breaks. So I had to send a bit more in her lunch box today. I am one happy Mama.

Life with Kerri begins a new school year.