Housewarming party.

Yesterday we travelled to Brossard, Quebec to reunite with family in cousin Daniela's new house.

Cousins Cathy and Luis enjoying a quiet moment.

Cousins Laura and our hostess Daniela prepare the table.

Cousin Carla helps her sister set the table.

As you can see, we had lots of yummy food to eat.

I think we take this same picture every time cousin Laura and hubby get together.

Cousin Ariel giving the boys a lesson. Or trying to anyway.

Amy and Kerri coming downstairs to eat.

We also celebrated Ariel's 23rd birthday with lots of cake and candles!

Kerri fell in love with Carla's IPad. Thanks Carla!

Pablo, Samara, Steven, Dana, Ariel and his girlfriend Val.

Amy, Sam and Charlie, Kerri and Ryan playing games.

They were so cute I just had to take another picture.

And another picture!

We stopped at this Quebec french fry restaurant for Kerri on the way home.

And I think this is the first pay phone I have ever seen in years!

Thank you Daniela for inviting us to see your beautiful new home. We wish you lots of happiness in it! And it was awesome to see the family again.

Life with Kerri is always ready for a party.