Fun with family.

Today we had another party to celebrate all our birthdays.

And we had mini cupcakes with candles.

So we all took turns blowing out candles and being sung the "Happy Birthday song".

Carol and Andre serenaded us!

And after dinner, we got to open more birthday presents.

Kerri loved her arts and crafts gifts.

And had lots of fun opening cards.

Tissue paper went flying, and glitter was everywhere!

And the "Angry Birds" stuffed toys were a hit.

Paints and art stuff....

stickers and canvas....

...and things to color make Kerri very happy.

Kerri and her grandpa.

Moments like these deserve more than one picture!

Kerri had the best time.

Pookie joined in the fun.

Here Kerri is opening a gift and card from Nana's boyfriend Ben.

Kerri called Ben a "beaverjack", (she meant lumberjack), so he got her a baby beaver plushie.

And she also liked the card he got her.

One more photo of Kerri and her Zeide.

And some silly photos of Kerri and Nana.

We had a wonderful evening, good food, great conversation, and lots of fun and laughter. Thank you Carol, Andre, Nana, and Ben for coming over to celebrate our birthdays today, and for all the lovely gifts!

Life with Kerri is gleeful.