Shad's Birthday....35 years old. Yikes. I met him when he was 22. Where did the time go?? It's not that I think 35 is old. It's not. It's just that time goes by so fast.

His requests are very predictable. Belgian waffles topped with fresh strawberries and vanilla icecream for breakfast, bbq for dinner and Brownie, Oreo, Mint-chip Icecream Cake.

I'm pretty sure Tanner and Kate were way more excited for the birthday than Shad was. = )

Lamm Family Reunion at Zion. See the Kate's pink purse? She hiked all around Zion with the princess purse, her princess sun glasses and church shoes on. And whenever you needed anything, she'd magically pull it out of that purse. (the same purse she whipped the pumpkin out of, last October in the middle of church)

Thanks Tammy for taking the pictures. (I was really lazy and didn't take any)