Last night, Kerri showed us just how flexible she is. While on her back, she put both feet behind her head, so she could lean forward and look at her tushie.

When I pointed out she could see her own bottom, Kerri burst out laughing. Bottoms are really funny in Kerri's life right now. So is anything related to said bottom, especially if it grosses Mommy out.

I seriously am considering enrolling her in a gymnastics class.

As for Kerri's flexibility, let's hope it extends beyond her limbs. Next week she will be undergoing three separate tests to commence therapy for her auditory issues, and to develop a learning plan for school. And then we move on to testing for her coordination issues, and hopefully therapy for those as well, so she can go back to Kung Fu.

Based on what I have seen my daughter accomplish so far, I am pretty sure she will be very flexible.

Life with Kerri reminds me of an elastic band.