Missed goal and whatnot

I've had two things on my mind this week:

1. I had hoped to get back to my goal weight by June 1st. Why I chose that particular date, I have no idea. Just arbitrary, I guess.  While I did miss that goal, I do not totally suck. I've lost some weight.  I'm currently 39.4 pounds under my original starting weight (September 2005) and 27.4 pounds over my goal weight. I have been working out a ton and sticking to my eating plan. One side effect that I'm really proud of is that the gazillion yoga classes I've taken have increased my overall strength.  I can now pull myself into a headstand without the instructor having to shove my legs up into the air. This basically means that my core is stronger, even though it does still have a layer of fat on top of it. I can also lower myself from a plank position (chaturanga) without collapsing onto my face. My upper body strength is still crap (always has been) but has gotten a little better. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever see my goal weight again (I'll just wave to it from down the road), but my clothes are fitting a little better and I'm glad for that.  I don't think my career as a bikini model was ever in jeopardy anyway.

2. Ever since my friend Susie lost everything in the recent spate of tornados, I've been obsessed with what I would take if I had to clear out of my house in a hurry.  Do you ever freak out over this? Obviously I would first make sure my child is safely out of the house and in the van. Then I would round up the three dogs.  I'm glad to have a van - I would worry if my home had more inhabitants than I could fit in my vehicle. I fret over the fact that I might have trouble finding my cat. Ella Fitzkitty is an inside cat, but she is an 8th degree black belt in the art of hiding. However, assuming my husband, child, dogs and cat were safely out of the house, what do you take beyond that? I keep thinking we should make sure all of our important papers are in a fireproof box so that we could grab that (I'm thinking along the lines of birth certificates and stuff that is a pain in the ass to replace). We have such a box somewhere but I'm not sure what's in it.

Susie was apparently able to grab some of her children's clothing. I'm not sure what else. The list of things I'd hate to lose is pretty long: infant keepsakes related to my daughter (as well as all the stuff my mom has made for her), a diamond heart necklace that belonged to my grandmother (after whom I am named), my beloved iPod (don't judge me!), photo albums (which already took a hit when the dogs chewed up a couple of them), maybe my computer (because I am not re-typing all that &#%$ing shit again!), and I guess that's about it. Oh, maybe my black wedge sandals because I'm convinced my feet look cute in those?

I know people always say that "things" can be replaced but, can they? I have a heart-shaped jewelry box that I've had for over 30 years. It was a gift from my mom. I have artwork that would be impossible to replace. I hope I never have to find out.

On a more chipper note, I will now kick off the weekend with this upbeat ditty. Yes, it is old. Yes, I still listen to it. No, I cannot be stopped.