Girl Guide Camp Weekend.

This past weekend we dropped Kerri and Nana off at Girl Guide Camp for their long weekend.

Into this cabin we loaded armfuls of camping gear, sleeping bags, chairs, and anything else we thought they would need for a weekend of fun.

And the girls wasted no time hanging out by the campfire.

Kerri made ginger bread cookies.

And Monster masks too. Here she is coloring an eye ball for her mask.

She got to wear her favorite new floppy hat.

And there was story telling at the camp fire pit.

Kerri colored and hung out with her favorite bear.

Bear made friends too.

Then came water games.

And snacks.

Followed by a hike in the woods.

The girls were on a scavenger hunt, looking for clues.

And it ended with a stop by the lake.

Then it was time to make pizza for dinner.

And more coloring.

Nana took lots of pictures!

And then it was time for fairy tales and princess hats.

Kerri made her own.

Then the group joined another Girl Guide group for more camp fire fun.

And Kerri toasted - OK, burned - her first marshmallow.

And then it was time to make Smores.

And Kerri had the best time "eber" at Girl Guide camp.

And thank you Nana for making it possible for our little princess!

When we arrived Sunday morning to pick the girls up, they were getting badges.

Kerri earned two badges. But more importantly, she spent a wonderful weekend with her Nana, friends, and Girl Guide leaders. She spent her first night away from home. And she had so much fun, she wants to do it again!

Here is Kerri with her favorite Girl Guide, who has been so helpful this past year.

Thank you to our Girl Guide leaders Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire, and all the Spark members for making Kerri's first year at Girl Guides such a wonderful experience. I think she made memories that will last her a lifetime.

Life with Kerri had an awesome weekend!