I don't understand how Kerri can complain her ankle hurts, but run and play tag five minutes later and totally forget about the pain.

I don't understand why Kerri insists on wearing clothing that is mismatched, too small or clashy - just because she likes it.

I don't understand Kerri's fascination with SpongeBob.

I don't understand Kerri's tastes in food.

I don't understand why she is not scared of Harry Potter movies, but can get easily scared by a scene in a cartoon.

I really don't understand why Kerri likes bugs so much, especially since I am terrified of them.

I wish I understood why Kerri takes so many risks, because I always play it safe.

I will never understand why this special little girl was picked to be our daughter, but I am forever grateful.

I totally understand the commitment I made when we chose to adopt Kerri, and I make that my first and foremost priority every single day.

And you know what? I may never understand some of the above mentioned, but I thank G-d every day for every single one.

Life with Kerri makes me understand the important things.