It's my spring break and my To Do list, as well as my Wish List, is long. We have been blessed with sunshine on these days off. Not warm temperatures mind you, but sunny skies. I'll take it without complaint.

One thing on my To Do list is to head out to my neglected pottery studio and evict the arachnid population that has taken over.

My poor neglected studio.

Remember what it used to look like?

I have only used my studio once since last year at this time when I participated in the local artist's Open Studio Tour. But I have not made one piece of pottery. I've been too busy making wedding cakes and pies. I did spend a few hours in this studio over the winter making the one and only, first time ever, acrylic painting that I entered into the gallery's Art Squared show. But that was it. The studio has been sitting cold and empty for a year.

Several times over the winter I've had to replace my windows that mysteriously keep blowing out. Some strange air pressure seems to occur during windstorms that pop the windows out onto the ground.

So now the studio floor is covered in leaves and debris that the wind has distributed. It gives the studio that real lonely abandoned feeling.

But worst of all are the spiders.
This happens every winter regardless of whether I am working in there or not but the webs are certainly much worse when I am not. They are everywhere, attached to every surface, every tool and book and piece of furniture. So my spring break chore is to evict the arachnid army that has encamped in my creative space.

So I drag out the powerful shop vacuum and eliminate the enemy, especially searching out all the egg sacks, some in plain sight and some hidden in crevices and under surfaces. Aren't you happy to hear all the gory details of my vacation activity?

The curious girls have to investigate what is happening in the usually quiet corner of the pasture.

A couple hours later and I am done. This is my studio, ready for some creativity.

Will I be able to finish the To Do list and get to the Wish List (which includes returning to my pottery wheel) before my spring break is over and the daily grind of life sucks me back?