Getting back into the groove.

The past two weeks we have been confined to our home because of illness. But don't feel sorry for us. It has been a wonderful opportunity for bonding, sharing roles, and using our imaginations to pass the time.

We caught up on reading. And we watched lots of television.

Kerri is now a huge SpongeBob Squarepants fanatic. We finally saw the next-to-last Harry Potter film. And the movie Tangled. Loved them! And then some more SpongeBob. Ugh.

Kerri created an entire warrior costume out of paper and tape. She used at least half a roll of tape to make her "shoes". It took five minutes to get them off at the end of the day.

Hubby is fine tuning his grilling techniques. He started the BBQ because it was such a nice day, and halfway through grilling had to use an umbrella. Poor guy, every time he tries to use the grill he gets rained or snowed on. Yesterday it was a little of both. A freak wind/rain/snow storm decided to pass by, and he braved it all to save our steaks.

I finally left the house, to get some gas and groceries. It cost over $95.00 to fill my tank. Thank goodness we do not put any serious mileage on the Mama Mobile. She only gets to go to Kung Fu three times a week (it is a ten minute drive away). And she goes to Girl Guides once a week - that is a five minute drive. If we had a different lifestyle, I would have to replace my beloved old van for a horse and buggy.

During my illness, I have become somewhat of a critic on toilet paper. I have yet to find a brand I am completely happy with. But am completely fed up with the paper that starts to disintegrate before you are done using it. Or the paper that is so thin, you have to use twice as much of it. Or the paper that is just not soft enough. I really miss the bidet we used to have in Argentina!

We are all finally back to eating solid foods. Just in time for Kerri to fall in love with Jello.

And I am still waiting for Spring to arrive. It is really cold for mid April. It snowed yesterday! That groundhog needs to retire.

Life with Kerri is slowly getting back into the groove.