Are you a fool? Or a fooler?

Every year on the first of April we all kind of think... Oh? What should we do for fun today? But we are such lame-brains we can't seem to think of anything.

Inevitably, every year, one of the kids will resort to their old stand-by April Fool's joke- wrapping a rubber band around the handle of the sprayer on the kitchen sink so that when someone comes by and turns on the faucet, they get an impromptu shower. Hilarious! The first time. But not so much the eighth time.

The only April Fool's jokes that stand out in my memory includes one I played on my older kids when they were elementary ages. They knew when April Fool's Day was so they planned to play a joke on their mother. They turned all the clocks ahead an hour to make mom get out of bed an hour early that morning. I was ahead of them because it wasn't my first rodeo. After they went to bed the previous night, I found an old calender that showed April 1 as being the previous day and hung it in place of the real calender. The next morning when the kids were shouting ha! ha! Mom! We played a joke on you! I replied with, Well you missed April Fool's Day. That was yesterday. I remember them running to the calender to prove to me that they were right. Their faces fell as they saw that Mom was right and their joke was foiled. Then I revealed my joke and laughter reigned.

The other joke that I still chortle about was played on a certain person who shall remain nameless to protect his dignity. I (or was it the kids?) had replaced the adult-sized underwear in his drawer with identical looking child-sized underwear. In the wee hours of the morning, getting dressed in the dark, this un-named person could not figure out why his underwear wouldn't go past his knees. *I* thought it was hysterical!!


How about you? Have you played any good jokes? We need some good ideas around here!
Tell me about your best April Fool joke. Were you the fooler? Or the fool?