Conversations with Kerri.

We were all sitting around the dining room table after dinner last week when this conversation happened. I had mentioned to my Dad that I had joined the Canadian version of the AARP (American Association of Retired People), and that my husband - who is 5 years younger than me - refused to accept his membership card. And then Kerri piped in:

Kerri: "Mommy, you don't look your age."

Mommy: "How old do I look?"

Kerri: "You look like a teenager."

Daddy: "Kerri, you just won some major brownie points with that answer."

Mommy: "Why do I look like a teenager?"

Kerri: "Because you always wear ponytails and you dress like one, in jeans and a t-shirt."

Nana: "What about me?"

Kerri: "You look like a teenager too."

Daddy: "So what about me?"

Kerri: "You look old and grouchy Daddy."

Grandpa: "And what about me?"

Kerri: "You look older and grouchier than Daddy."

Life with Kerri keeps me young (and laughing)!