Super Girl Party

Occasionally someone will ask me how many children I have and I like to tell them-  Only seven. And they are all girls. Except for five.

In our household, the boys rule. We females are far outnumbered (especially right now with the added presence of two grandsons.)  We are surrounded by boy stuff: tractors, paper airplanes, legos, trucks, tools, skateboards...

But we do have two daughters and it's been heavenly for both to be together again enjoying their sisterhood. They were born exactly ten years and one day apart. Celebrating their birthdays every February 5th and 6th over the years was always lots of girly fun.

These two sisters have not celebrated their birthdays together since 2003 when Katie went off and got married and moved away leaving Alyssa to fend for herself among the boys.

This year Katie is here for her birthday and for her sister's birthday so what a great excuse to have another girly party!

We're going all out with the party paraphernalia: invitations, decorations, food, cake and of course, girlfriends!

The sisters have spent the week doing projects together and getting all Martha about it.

Our little country cottage is getting gussied up in paper finery.

With all the boys around you would have thought we should know that there is a significant "manly" event on Sunday that could pre-empt or disrupt a girly birthday party.

But we had other things on our minds. 
Because the girls don't get together enough.
And a person only turns eighteen once in her lifetime.