Happy Chinese New Year!

Tonight we celebrated the Chinese New Year at Kerri's Kung Fu school. There was LOTS of Chinese food, party games, Karaoke, two awesome Lion dances, fireworks, and candy.

Kerri getting her camera and batteries ready for her Kung Fu party to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Kerri and one of the lions.

Some of her Kung Fu friends joined in.

The Lion Dance to welcome in the New Year of the Rabbit.

Kerri watched safely from under a table.

At one point, the Lion had to get the lettuce from the ceiling and eat it, then spread it around the floor - while firecrackers went off.

It was so much fun!

More Kung Fu friends.

Kerri without her glasses, her Daddy had to fix them after a little accident.

Playing a game, Kerri was partnered with a senior Kung Fu brother, and I am not sure which of the two had more fun.

We had a wonderful time welcoming in the New Year with our Kung Fu family, and wish everyone a very happy and lucky New Year of the Rabbit!

Life with Kerri is a celebration.