Not much to talk about at the home-front lately but I do feel inclined to talk about the state of the world.

I have never been so moved by watching the evening news as I was tonight. I feel privileged to witness the self-liberation of the Egyptian people. What an astounding event! The euphoria of the Egyptian nation is deeply touching.

I have been reading about their oppression in the last few days and the connection of the U.S. to the sustenance of it. To witness the rising up of the population and the peaceful yet successful revolution against a brutal despot that ruled over them for thirty years (sustained by billions of American aid dollars) is enough to give anyone hope. For a change, in a world full of bad news and depressing forecasts for the economic and political future driven by seemingly heartless and inept politicians, to see civilians perform an act of self-liberation in the manner that the Egyptian people accomplished, shows that the common people can have a voice and make a difference in their homeland.

They say that other dictatorial regimes are now shaking in their bloody boots and I hope that they are. I pray that it does give courage and hope to other people suffering in oppression around the world.

What do you think of the events taking place?