Conversations with Daddy.

I know this blog is about life with Kerri, but sometimes life with her Daddy is blog worthy. For instance, today...Daddy dropped Kerri off at her Kung Fu class and decided to take a short trip down the street to use a gift card his boss gave him. And the following is the conversation that ensued, as told per my hubby (after claiming he waited in a mile-long line):

Starbucks employee: "Hi, what would you like today?"

Hubby: "I want something to drink. I would like a coffee please."

Starbucks employee: "Would you like a (hubby did not understand)?"

Hubby: "Sorry I don't speak Starbucks! What you just said sounded like the chorus from the Lady Marmalade song...(singing and dancing) Mocha Choca lata ya ya ..."

Customer behind hubby: "Yeah, it really does sound like that!"

Starbucks employee: (amused) "What would you like in your coffee, what flavor?"

Hubby: "Chocolate."

Starbucks employee: "And do you want it hot or cold?"

Hubby: "Cold!"

Starbucks employee: "And would you like it (hubby only understood veni, vidi, vici - which hubby understood to mean "I came, I saw, I conquered" in Latin)?"

Hubby: "Whoa! Now you are speaking to me in Latin. That's two different languages I don't understand."

Starbucks employee: (rolling her eyes) "What size would you like it?"

Hubby: "The biggest one you got."

Starbucks employee: "Venti."

Needless to say, hubby suffered an allergic reaction to something he ate and/or drank from that store. He is allergic to cinnamon.

And now I have that Lady Marmalade song in my head for the rest of the day!

Life with Daddy is Mocha Choca lata ya ya!