Where do babies come out from?

Yesterday Daddy was driving Kerri home from her Kung Fu class, and this is the conversation that occurred in the car:

Kerri: "I know why Mommy did not have her own baby in her tummy."

Daddy: "Why?"

Kerri: "Because she did not want the baby to be all dirty."

Daddy: "Huh?"

Kerri: "You know, babies come out from where you poo, eww."

Daddy: "That is not where babies come out from Kerri."

Kerri: "You mean they come out from your pee-pee?!! My pee-pee is too small!"

Daddy: "No Kerri. They do not come out from where you poo or pee. They come out from a special place close to there."

Kerri: "Are you sure?"

Daddy says the conversation took a humorous turn from then on, with Kerri asking if babies came out of mouths, eyes, noses, ears, etc. Mind you, Kerri knows exactly where babies come out from, since we showed her at the Museum of Science. And also at my GYN's office. She just likes to play "dumb" sometimes and gets a kick out of making us explain something she already knows the answer to. Or maybe she is just testing us. She has an incredible memory.

Life with Kerri is inquisitive.