Tanner turns 6

It started out dark. Way to early to start a day. But it was his day, so we started early. = )

Donuts and chocolate milk were on the menu for breakfast. Of course I wasn't about to get up even earlier to go to a donut store, so I bought boxed ones the night before. I cannot believe those are even on the market. Who eats those things?! Oh yeah, I did when I was a freshman in college. Powdered sugar donuts everyday for breakfast and washed it down with Carnation Drink mix. Classy. And I wonder how I gained that Freshman 15 (or 20 in my case....honestly. When I came home at Christmas my Mom had to buy me all new jeans) Anyhow, we had preservative-filled, no expiration date, boxed donuts for breakfast and my kid was in heaven. = )

All he wanted was "art stuff" for his birthday. The night before I asked him once more, "are you sure you don't want any toys?" He responded, "No Mom. I want art stuff. I love doing art. It's my favorite. " So "art stuff" he got.

He went to school, I brought cupcakes to his class, we came home and played. For dinner he wanted, "that really yummy pizza that's by Ralphs. Sort of by Ralphs. Not right by it, but kind of." He meant Dominos. So we had pizza and root beer for dinner.

He wanted "Dad's Cake" for dessert. Every Father's Day and every year on his birthday, Shad requests the same thing. A homemade ice cream cake, made with brownies, mint ice cream, oreos and hot fudge sauce.

Happy Birthday Tanner. We love you.