Weekend update.

Kerri is really into the "I'm a big girl now" stage. She likes doing things by herself, sometimes with unexpected results. For example, yesterday morning, Kerri decided she was going to surprise me with breakfast. She brought me a plate with what she said was bread and butter. Except it wasn't. It was bread and sour cream. When I mentioned this to Kerri, her reply was: "I thought the butter tasted sour when I put my finger in it. I just thought the butter was rotten."

Kerri is such a big girl now, that she chooses her own clothes to wear out. She especially likes stripes. So yesterday evening, she chose a grey and red striped dress with a pair of bright yellow, green and pink striped pants. And orange and green striped socks. Her winter coat was not long enough to hide the clashing bright colors. But Kerri pranced about proudly with her bright and stripey outfit, and I have learned to ignore the stares and just smile.

While we were out, we picked up new phones. Our old cordless handsets had fallen just a few too many times in the last ten years. I knew it was time to replace them when my last conversation with Tia was spent mostly saying, "Can you hear me now?". And while we were at the best techy store, Kerri picked up a new Scooby Wii game. If Daddy and Kerri can get through the game without arguing, it will be a miracle.

So on this snowy Sunday, I am waiting for my yeast to rise. I am going to attempt to make pizza. Pookie has had his bath. Kerri and Daddy both have new toys to entertain themselves with. And all is good - if not peaceful - at our home.

Life with Kerri makes me appreciate our family time.