• The bus driver showed up today. Apparently, he broke down yesterday and did not bother to call anyone. He eventually showed up at the bus stop one hour and 25 minutes late. You know, just in case any kids were still standing out in the -13F bitter cold waiting for him.
  • Tomorrow Kerri will be going to the Children's Hospital in the morning to see her Dermatology expert. We are going to find out if they will start phototherapy on her. She is no longer in remission as of this Fall. As soon as she stopped spending hours outdoors in the sun, the Psoriasis started acting up. We go through a lot of petroleum jelly in this house.
  • The Mama Mobile started acting up, I think she does not like the cold weather. Hubby thinks it has something to do with the fuel pump or the fuel injectors. He put some cleaner fluid in the tank and filled the car with Super gas. She is still complaining a bit, but so far, so good. Please keep your fingers crossed that she does not have a fuel pump problem!
  • Tonight Kerri has Girl Guides, and I am volunteering to cover for one of her leaders, who is out on maternity leave. It should be fun!
  • Poor Pookie has been stressed out from all the balloons, so we asked Kerri to put them in her basement playroom. Out of sight, out of mind seems to work with the pooch.
  • Our neighbors are moving out. It should be interesting to see who moves in next.
  • Kerri's boyfriend asked to speak in private with Kerri at the bus stop. They snuck behind a wall, and I spied on them. When I was caught, I said: "No kissing!", and the boyfriend smiled and said: "We know!" Turns out he was negotiating exchanging Wii games with Kerri, so they could each borrow each other's games. Phew.
  • Life has been going at a crazy pace lately. Every time I pause, it seems Kerri has grown an inch and gotten that much more independent. Hubby reminded me we are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary later this summer. I actually had to count. It seems not that long ago we were just engaged, and then five years flew by in a flash and our beautiful daughter was placed in our arms. And now another 5 1/2 years have flown by. Amazing.
Life with Kerri is why I keep writing this blog. Some day, I want her to be able to look back and read about her amazing life, and what a blessing she is. Adopting Kerri was the best decision we ever made.