Two important lessons in one day.

Yesterday Kerri, Nana and I went on a power shopping run to the mall after school. Our first stop was at a children's store, where I bought Kerri some sweaters. Kerri wanted a head band, but I asked her to put it away. Unbeknownst to me, she hooked it onto my arm, over my coat. It blended in and I never noticed it was there.

While at the store, Kerri decided she wanted to use her money to buy a very small set of stickers - to the tune of almost 5 bucks. I did not talk her out of it, even though I thought it was ridiculous. Kerri used her own money, and Nana helped her count out her change. When the purchase was done, Kerri looked shocked. She kept looking in her bag and talked about how much the tiny stickers cost, and how little money she had left. Kerri learned a very important lesson - her first one that afternoon.

We continued shopping at a different children's store, and then realized the head band was on my arm and we had walked out of the first store without paying for it. I explained to Kerri that it could be considered stealing, even though that was never her intention. And a very concerned Kerri agreed we should go back and return it or purchase it - with an apology to the store. She sounded scared, and asked if I could do the explaining. I told her I would, as long as she apologized. The cashier was very understanding, and kept thanking us for returning it. I ended up buying it anyway, but Kerri learned another very important lesson.

So as we drove home to have dinner with Daddy, I reflected on our little shopping trip. Sure, I scored a few bargains on clothes for Kerri and had a quick outing with my two favorite girls. But what I did not expect was the valuable life lessons that Kerri learned yesterday. And that was priceless.

Life with Kerri is an opportunity to learn.