Slither Hither

My daughter's sixth birthday is on May 3rd. As you may recall, she has been talking about this birthday since . . . well, May 4th. She gets a party every other year, so she knows she is due for a festive bash this year. While she would be delighted to go to Chuck E Cheese or that sort of kid-magnet joint, I'd really rather not. I can't help but want her birthday to be something special - not just a party in a sea of other parties. A is going to her second bowling party in a row this weekend.  Those are totally fine, but I want to try something different.

I think I may have a plan.  I have a friend who does reptile rescue.  I have a daughter who loves reptiles. Twice this year, she has brought home this book on library day at school (and lingers over the image of a snake with a live frog dangling from its mouth):

My friend also does kid-related gatherings. She brings a few animals, does a craft with the kids, brings coloring books with information about reptiles, takes photos of the kids with the beasts, etc. Educational and fun, right?  I am thinking of renting a conference room somewhere (assuming I can find one that allows live animals) and having this reptile-themed party.  My only hesitation is this: do you think some parents would have heart palpitations over having their kid at an event like this? Needless to say, the kids don't have to interact with the snakes and whatnot if they don't want to.  And obviously my friend would only bring non-venomous, reliable-type creatures along.

I was thinking that I would include a note on the invitations to say "live reptiles will be present" or something. I know some kids may choose to come and then not interact with the animals (which is fine - we'll have other activities and of course cake). I guess I'm more worried about parents thinking the whole thing is a bad idea.  What say ye, parent-type readers?