kate's cravings

Goldfish, crackers, white bread, "sheetos" (cheetos), chips, and pretzels. She'll choose these over a sweet treat or a toy (sad, but true), any day.

So different from Tanner. I've never seen Tanner eat 1 goldfish. He's refused since he's been old enough to eat one. He won't eat crackers or pretzels and prefers a sweet treat.

Lately, he's been "teaching" Kate what's healthy and what's not....

"Kate, that's not healthy. Don't you want to grow big and strong?"

"Kate, you're going to get a stomach ache. You need to eat healthy food."

"Kate, you're not going to have very much energy. You need to eat healthy food like me and Elle and Mom and Dad" (he obviously doesn't see what Shad and I eat after he goes to bed)

Kate could care less about any of this. And I'm not too worried, because Tanner was the same way at that age.

Here's her recent favorite.....chips and cheese. It's a super complicated recipe.

Put tortilla chips on a plate. Sprinkle with cheese. Melt in microwave. Eat.

She learned it from her cousin Gracie. Thank you Rebecca. We really appreciate it. (can you sense my sarcasm?)