kate's purse

A couple of months back, Kate brought her purse to church. I didn't think much of it...she brings that thing everywhere.

On the way into church she is carrying her purse with all of her might.

About an hour later, a pumpkin pops out of her purse. A real pumpkin...the one she'd picked out the night before at the pumpkin patch. I still can't figure out how she fit it into that purse. She was holding it hight above her head saying (not whispering), "Teacher, teacher! Look at my pumpkin."

A couple of weeks go by, she brings her purse to church again. I'm helping Elle with something and the kids in the pew behind us start laughing hysterically. I turn to see what they're looking at and its my Kate. She's wearing these glasses...

I try not to laugh myself. And fail miserably. I convince her to put away the glasses.

About 20 minutes go by and I see bubbles floating by in front of my face. I look around to see where they came from. Once again...my Kate. She's blowing bubbles in the middle of Sacrament Meeting.

I'm thinking I should check her purse next Sunday before we walk out the door.