Decking the Halls

Here it is the middle of December. Ten days until Christmas. My house is decorated and at least 80% of my Christmas shopping is finished. That is like some kind of a Christmas miracle.

I don't think this has ever, ever happened before.

What is really getting my attention is how I feel. Usually December is the most stressful month of the year. During other Decembers I felt weighed down by my long To Do list and churlish just thinking about decorating or shopping or baking or planning dinner for eighteen people or rehearsing the church Christmas Eve program or planning the music or cleaning the shower. Didn't I just do most of that for Thanksgiving? You mean we're cleaning and cooking again as well as baking and shopping and decorating??

But this year I am oddly....mellow. Relaxed. Even....joyful?  I can't remember ever feeling so laid back on December 15th. I mean not ever.

I haven't even begun to write a Christmas newletter (that my offspring are insisting I write because I didn't write one last year. Hello? I have a blog. It's a near daily letter to my peeps) or address Christmas cards. And...I don't care. If I get it done, fine. If I don't, fine. I'm not stressing.

What is up with that?

I made this quilted wall hanging about eighteen years ago when I had four little kids and I was a pregnant homeschooler. I started another quilt as soon as I finished this one. I am astounded that I had time for projects like this. This would never get done now when I only have three kids at home!  Ahhh...the energy of youth.

I am attributing my new-found mellowness to better health. I have no idea if this is true or not. I'm hoping that a year or two of avoiding sugar and wheat (I say "avoiding" and not "eliminating") has improved the function of my adrenal glands -that system that works to handle stress- so that I am actually handing stress in a more healthy way. Mr. Dirtywrench thinks my relaxed attitude is because I've been swimming regularly for exercise. This is all speculation and all I can say feels good to feel relaxed in December!

What? Eight more people to squeeze into the house on Christmas Eve? Bring it on. I can handle it.

Seventy five dozen cookies to bake in one week for clients? No problem!

Just don't wait by the mailbox for my Christmas card. I'm busy sipping a mocha and listening to Nat King Cole.