Happy Chanukah!

Yesterday was the first night of Chanukah. And when we came home from Kung Fu, there was a bright, shiny wrapped gift waiting on the table. We lit the candles, had dinner, all the while Kerri contemplated who the gift was for and what could possibly be in it.

My first surprise of the evening was when Kerri commented that the potato latkes that I bought at the Jewish deli were not as good as mine. Daddy agreed.

My second surprise of the evening was when Kerri produced her own gift wrapped presents (wrapped in napkin paper). Pookie got a doggie treat, Mommy and Daddy a colored book she made herself. It was a story about how she met and ran away from a vampire.

And my third surprise of the evening was that Kerri actually loved the fancy snow gloves we got her. She has already lost two pair this past month.

Happy Chanukah to all who celebrate!

Life with Kerri lights up my life.