Chanukah, day two.

Yesterday the doctor sent me to get a chest xray done because I am still coughing. He thinks it is my asthma, but wants to make sure. So I am sent to this little room, where I am to take everything from the waist up off and slip into this short, little paper shirt with an open back.

When I say short, I mean shorter than my boobs.

So every time the x ray technician asked me to raise my arms to take a picture, he got quite the show.

After that embarrassment was over, I hurried home to make our second night of Chanukah dinner. And this time, I made potato latkes from scratch. Hubby and Kerri agreed they were awesome, and not a latke was left on the plate.

Kerri loved her new Lego set. She was a bit frustrated by all the small pieces, but kept at it. She was also thrilled to talk to her godsister Erin, who had called to thank her for the Chanukah gifts we sent her. And Erin told Kerri she gets TWO gifts per night, whereas Kerri only gets ONE. I held my breath, hoping Kerri would not get jealous or demand more gifts. And luckily, my daughter just shrugged it off and did not seem to care. She was more than happy with her Lego set. Phew!

It was wonderful talking to Tammie, and watching Kerri construct her first Lego creation. And even more fun when hubby took Kerri to take her bath. She kicked him out of the bathroom.

Kerri told her Daddy she is a big girl now and wants to do everything herself. He is no longer needed. He left, rejected, and told me his daughter no longer wants him or needs him. Our baby is growing up!

This morning, Kerri woke herself up bright and early, dressed herself, and brought her asthma medication to our room to wake up Daddy (so he could administer them). I think she is taking this growing up thing very seriously!

Life with Kerri changes every day.