Weekend updates.

  • Thursday, after school, I met Kerri's teachers. We were all surprised to find out that in Kerri's old school they are teaching in first grade what should have been taught in Kindergarten. This means that Kerri is a year behind and has technically "skipped" a grade even though she really did not. Luckily, I homeschool quite a bit on my own, so I supplemented her learning. But she is behind this school's first graders in reading, writing and French. The teachers were amazed that she caught up with two months of homework in one week. And they seem to think she will be OK and catch up. The principal of the new school is now meeting with Kerri every day for half an hour to work on her reading skills! What a difference from one school board to the other.
  • Friday there was no school. So Kerri's boyfriend, (who just got over a stomach bug), decided to invite himself over to play with Kerri. He tried to compromise with Kerri in an attempt to convince her to let him play the Wii. She told him he wasn't her boyfriend anymore. He seemed to be thrilled she even considered him boyfriend material at this point. To make a long story short, they played for a few hours, argued a little bit like a married couple, laughed a lot like old friends, and then it was time for him to go home. Phew.
  • Friday evening Nana came over, and after dinner, we had a girl's night out. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie, which I really liked. But I am not used to staying out so late!
  • Saturday morning was busy, and I braved the Costco crowds on my own. While Daddy and Kerri went to Kung Fu, I prepared dinner for Carol and Andre's visit. We celebrated Andre's 62nd birthday and had a lot of fun!
  • Saturday night Kerri complained of a headache, and went to bed. At some point she threw up while asleep. At 2 AM she woke us, covered in a cold, sticky mess. Hubby stripped the bed, we cleaned her up, and she went to sleep with me.
  • Sunday morning, Kerri continued vomiting (I suspect boyfriend gave this to her). We could not keep anything down until 3 PM, when she was able to sip on a freezie. It has been a long day, and Kerri has spent most of it napping on the couch with a bowl next to her and Pookie at her feet. Anyone that knows Kerri, knows this is not like her.
  • This evening I received a phone call from her new speech therapist, who will see her tomorrow at school (providing Kerri is well enough to attend). The therapist will be seeing her biweekly, but will switch her to weekly sessions in January! If I thought we made a good decision in changing schools before, now I am convinced of it.
  • Chanukah is almost here and I still have not gone shopping! But I have a good reason. I am still trying to get over whatever I had, and have not been feeling well in weeks.
  • It snowed this weekend. My Mama Mobile was coated in ice and we had to break it off. She complained (her sensors kept flashing "ICE") and although she is not happy, she is handling the slippery roads really well for a Floridian. ;o)
  • Girl Guides is going really well. Kerri loves going. I am glad we joined.
  • Kung Fu is going really well too. Kerri is really progressing, and learning new things. She seems to be very competitive at times. But mostly she is having fun, and loves going. I think her Sifu and his family have a lot to do with that. Enrolling her in Shaolin Kung Fu was one of the best decisions we ever made, for many reasons.
  • Back to my procrastination. I have yet to decorate the house for the Chanukah and Christmas holidays. I did make cookies, but someone keeps making them disappear. I bought Kerri a Gingerbread house kit to make with her Nana, it has become quite the holiday tradition every year (as is carving a pumpkin!). Maybe I can convince Nana to help me set up the tree this year? And I am definitely looking forward to making my potato latkes this year. Yum! Kerri is looking forward to "gambling" (playing with the dreidle and using the chocolate "gelt" coins to wager). That too is becoming an annual tradition.
  • Pookie is now in clothing 24/7. Winter is here and he is always cold. When he isn't playing or harassing Kerri, he can be found cuddled in a ball next to one of us. Lucky for us, Tia has bought him quite the wardrobe. He is a bit spoiled, me thinks.
Life with Kerri is better when she is healthy.