Puppet show.

Yesterday, Kerri put on a puppet show to entertain us. She even set up a refreshment table, with whatever she could find in the pantry. The stage was the couch, decorated with the curtain (throw) and the flowers. And she even wrote our names and placed them on the chairs so we had assigned seating. I was lucky to get the window seat.

The puppeteer demanded audience participation at all times.

It was a very interactive puppet show, with lots of action. What made it even more astonishing was that she performed while her favorite show was on.

And the plot changed in between intermissions. There were three separate puppet shows!

Kerri's imagination never ceases to amaze us. She comes up with some funny stuff. If she does not major in science, she just might become a comedian.

And a very sick Mommy was thrilled to be entertained.

Although halfway through the show, I had to excuse myself and go back to bed. But Kerri continued her puppet show for Daddy and Pookie.

And I am happy to report that no puppets were injured during the show.

Life with Kerri is very entertaining.