more of my baby

Last night Shad had a meeting, so I sewed up a little shirt for Elle. I made it like Kate's dresses (fabric and all...I can't seem to get enough of that print), but shortened it a bit so Elle could wear it with leggings. I love it.

I stayed home from church today. I can't seem to get rid of being sick. It started about a month ago...a cold for 2 weeks, then the flu, then the worst allergies I've ever had for a week. Then yesterday I wake up with a cold and sore throat. Then randomly every 4-5 days I have a day or two where I feel great and think everything is gone. Tanner doesn't even want to get near me, because he thinks he'll catch it. And miss school. Total devestation for that kid. He loves school.

I'm pretty sure the sickness adds up to lack of sleep and eating too many treats. Your body an only handle so much. I've cut way back on treats, but the sleep? I can't find a solution for. It's just that time of life.

Happy Sunday.