Kerri's first badge.

Last week, Kerri earned her first badge and two pins from Girl Guides.

There was a ceremony, and each girl had to go under a rainbow canopy of ribbons to emerge on the other side and make the Spark pledge: "I promise to share and be a friend."
And after they made the promise they received their pins and their badges from their troop leaders, and had to shake hands.
Kerri was very excited, since they had practiced this the previous week. But she really did not know what to expect.
And when it was all over, all she wanted to do was play. After eating yummy cookies first.
Congratulations Kerri on earning your first merit badge and pins. You did a great job selling cookies! And I know I can continue to expect great things from you. We are very proud of you.

Life with Kerri is better than Girl Guide cookies. And they are pretty dang good!