Halloween was kind of a bummer this year.

Friday Tanner had a big carnival at kindergarten, which he begged me to go to and be a Mommy helper. So I arranged a sitter for the girls and Tanner and I got matching outfits to wear (Woody and Jesse from Toy Story). I woke up at 1am the morning of and starting throwing up. All through the night and morning it continued, while I took short breaks to nurse Elle. So Tanner had go to the carnival without me. Rebecca was AMAZING and drove down to help me with the girls all day.

Saturday evening we were all dressed to go to the Trunk-or-Treat, and I had just finished tying Kate's blue bow in her hair. She then threw up all over her Cinderella gown and glass slippers. The girls and I stayed home while the boys went to the party.

Kate continued to throw up every 5-10 minutes for the next 4 hours, and then it slowed down through the night.

Tanner had a blast at the Trunk-or-Treat and then about 1 hour after he got home, he started throwing up. He threw up about every 20-30 minutes for 10 hours straight. Again, all through the night.

So basically Shad and I tag-teamed it all night, cleaning up vomit of of sheets, clothes, kids and ourselves (overspray).

Sunday came, Halloween, and neither of us had slept all weekend. We were beat. The kids didn't want to touch any of their candy (the best part about the whole experience).

Monday, I though everyone was all better. Tanner went off to school, and then Kate threw up again. Tanner came home and he threw up again. What!? So I felt like a completely irresponsible Mom for exposing who knows how many people by now to this vomit bug.

Yesterday I kept both kids home all day, they played happily all day, Tanner begged to go to school, he cried when I made him stay home.

Today Kate wakes up, feeling sick and holding a bowl on the couch again. I'm so confused. Since when is the flu an every other day thing?

Here's Kate's Hallooween:

Tanner before the trunk-or-treat: