Change is good.

We pulled Kerri out of her school after the two assaults happened. After a week long absence, (and getting nowhere with the old school and school board), on Monday we registered Kerri into a different school board. And on Tuesday, Kerri started first grade in a new school. And what a difference.

Kerri now gets to sit next to her summer romance, her neighbor "boyfriend". I caught them kissing on Monday. She is very happy with this arrangement. I am not happy about the kissing, and warned her she is not allowed to kiss him at all.

And several other neighbor kids attend this school, and Kerri sees them in the hall or at recess. She is no longer worried about the new school since she has old friends there.

Kerri also has a former classmate from her old school in her new class, and they really like each other. This girl made her a picture today. And she also has two of her Girl Guide friends in her class.

The Girl Guide Moms told me her teacher is wonderful. I met her, and I think I agree.

And the level of education is leaps and bounds beyond what Kerri was getting at the old school. So now we are struggling to catch up. But Kerri is a fast learner, so I am not worried at all.

I also had the chance to talk to some of the Moms who transferred their kids, and their stories are just as horrifying as ours was. We are all breathing a huge collective sigh of relief, and are so glad to be out of that horrible school.

Kerri has not had nightmares in the last two days. And she wakes up happy and ready to go to school. Amazing difference.

Sometimes G-d works in mysterious ways. And sometimes He tests us. We are so very thankful that our daughter is now safe, and getting a better quality education. And hopefully, this past week will soon be forgotten by Kerri. But it is a lesson I will never forget.

Life with Kerri brings out the Mama bear in me.