Another first, big step.

My big girl took a huge, independent step today.

She took the bus to school for the very first time. She sat at the window and waved happily while I tried not to cry and the other Moms laughed at me.

And later that afternoon, I waited at the bus stop anxiously and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her step off the bus:
And a very happy Mommy handed out leftover Halloween candied popcorn packages to all the kids at the bus stop, to thank them for making sure Kerri got on the right bus. Kerri's boyfriend turned to his Mom and told her he wanted me to pick him up at the bus stop from now on because I brought snacks!

Kerri loved riding the bus and sitting by the window. And I love that Kerri is so much braver than her Mom.

Life with Kerri is full of first, big steps.