Nature trail.

Yesterday Kerri and I went on a Nature trail with her Sparks Girl Guide group.

It got dark pretty fast, but the trail was really beautiful with all the fallen leaves that crunched under our feet, and all the pretty Autumn colors around us.

The guides pointed out trees and plant life, but the girls were really interested in the exercise stops along the way. They all took turns on the different bars and beams, and tried out every exercise.

And when the trail came to an end, Kerri declared she wanted to remain on it, all night long. She was overruled, of course.

We then headed out to our cars to take possession of several cases of Girl Guide cookies, which Kerri has to sell. So far, she sold a box to herself, her Daddy and her Mommy.

We came home to Daddy grilling burgers on the BBQ, and for dessert we had yummy cookies. I think we will be eating cookies for quite some time.

Life with Kerri inspires me to go on a diet.