I think I'm gonna get a tattoo.

On my forehead.

That says, "No. I'm not pregnant."

If there was more room on my forehead, I'd also add...

Seriously? I just had a baby. Granted 8 months ago, but still. Don't ask. You're just not supposed to do that. Even if I looked 9 months pregnant, unless I've announced it to the world, DON'T ASK. I've lost my baby weight. I work out at the gym 4-5 days a week. I even pay for an extra class at the gym where I work with a trainer. It kicks my butt. I fit into my old clothes. I wear a size 4. But, yeah. My stomach sticks out. It always does. I have small boobs and so my stomach sticks out further than my boobs, possibly making me look pregnant. But give me a break, will you? I've had 3 children. They are 5 and under. Two of them came out via c-section. Sorry I don't have a flat stomach, but do you really need to remind me of it? Because I already know. And I'm trying to accept my body the way it is, and you're not helping. And now you're going to feel stupid because you asked the dumb question and it turns out I'm not pregnant. So now I'm supposed to make you feel better and try to make the conversation a little less awkward. Why do I have to be the one to make you feel better, when you're the one that just insulted me?

What do you think? How do you think a tattoo of that would look?

*And if you're wondering...I got asked this week. And last week. And a couple of months ago. And a couple of months before that.