Conversations with Kerri.

Kerri: "I know everything, more than you."
Mommy: "Really? O.K., what is 5 times 10?"
Kerri: "Fifteen."
Daddy: "She added them up."
Mommy: "5 times 10 is fifty, and it is multiplication, something you have not learned yet. See, you don't know everything."
Kerri: "Yes I do, I was just warming up."
Mommy: "Kerri, where do babies come from?"
Kerri: "From a Mommy's belly!"
Mommy: "And how does the baby get there?"
Kerri: "A Daddy plants a seed in the Mommy's tummy and it grows in there!"
Mommy: "And how long is the baby growing in the Mommy's tummy before it comes out?"
Kerri: (counting with her fingers) "About two years!"
Life with Kerri is just warming up.