Farm Boys

It's been a long, red letter summer for my two youngest boys.

We live on only a teeny-tiny homestead with a few goats, chickens and a garden. We have an old tractor that their dad uses to plow snow in the winter and to disc the garden in the spring but we can't offer the big farm experiences of planting and harvesting vast fields of grains that real farm boys get to have.

But this summer, after making friends with a local farmer working the land around us, the boys got to have some of those real farm experiences- first when they rode in the big tractor during planting time, then later when the family took a trip to the bread basket of America, they got to witness the grain harvest done with modern equipment as well as with draft horses as in the old days.

Now the culmination of their summer farm experiences comes with the end of the farming season and the harvesting of the grains.

Their farmer friend, Josh, is welcoming some company during the long hours circling the wheat field.
Especially when the boys bring along cookies.

The boys were motivated to finish their schoolwork in record time so that they could spend the rest of the day in the cab of the ultimate of farm machinery- the combine.

And since only one boy at a time could fit into the cab to make the round of the field...

...the brother left behind got to keep Molly company. Or did Molly keep the brother company?