Our lucky girl.

Even though we have both been sick, I decided to take Kerri to Kung Fu today. She was so happy she was going to class, and had been practicing all day. On the way, we found Daddy walking home from the bus stop, so we picked him up and brought him along.

My first surprise was that Sifu and his wife thanked me for referring our neighbor to their school. My neighbor signed up 3 of her children to attend Kerri's class, and as a thank you, the Sifu advised he is giving us a 15% discount on next year's dues. And another 5% off for every future referral. Hubby joked that if I referred 17 more students, Kerri would be attending for free. I pointed out that saving that much money a year was no laughing matter.

My next surprise was when I had a conversation with Sifu's wife. She commented on how beautiful Kerri was, and what lovely lips and smile she had. And added that Kerri was smart and funny. I told her I wished we could meet Kerri's biological family, to thank them and show them what an amazing little girl Kerri was. And then she told me what a lucky girl Kerri was. Of course, I answered that we were the lucky ones. But it never ceases to amaze me how every Chinese person we have met has said those words: "she is a lucky girl."

Well, my lucky girl had a fantastic class today. She had the best splits, and awesome kicks. She still has a long way to go on her stances and punches, but she is determined, focused, and loving Kung Fu. And I still think we are the lucky ones, that get to watch her grow and flourish. And charm the pants off of everyone she meets.

Life with Kerri is our good fortune.