catch up

Tanner's first day of school:

Aunt Amy:

Miss Kate:

Kate and I playing with the new computer camera:

  • Tanner loves school. I mean, he really, really loves it. It's more than I could've dreamed. He can't wait to get there EARLY every morning so he has more time to play on the playground. I'm pretty sure he plays on the monkey bars his whole recess. Just last night 3 blisters popped on his hand from all that climbing. He gets to buy a frozen treat at school every Friday for 50 cents, which he loves. I forgot we did that growing up too. Except ours was popcorn. He loves his "school clothes" shorts with a school shirt on and loves his new shoes. We pack him the same snack every day for recess. Ice water and grapes. After about 8 days of this, I asked him if he wanted a different snack, and he very firmly replied, that we always do grapes and we always will do grapes. Last night was his open house and he was so excited to show me everything in his classroom. He has told me that, "Kindergarten is so fun Mom. It's better than preschool. I love it."
  • Elle is sick. She had a sky high temp for 3 days and a bad cold. Her fever finally broke today. She's been sleeping like crazy, which is honestly, wonderful. I get so much more done with her taking real naps, and actually working with both of my hands, versus cleaning and cooking one-handed while I hold her with the other. When she has been awake she's been so sleepy, just lying on my shoulder. Today she woke up smiling and kissing me again. Even though it was nice to have her nap more, I missed her. The real her with her sweet personality.
  • I'm pretty sure Elle is in love with me. All my kids have loved me, but they've loved Shad just as much or more. But little Elle, just can't get enough. And as hard as it is sometimes that she only wants me, secretly I love it. It's so nice to have someone that just loves me unconditionally, that doesn't yell at me or say I'm a mean Mom. She loves me all the time no matter what.
  • I got a new phone. The reason that it's blog-worthy, is that I am moving forward (or catching up you could say) to the rest of America and can now text and email from my phone. I still feel like an idiot, but I'm getting used to it. This has been a hard move for me, because I love the simplicity of a simple phone with no bells and whistles. No complications, no worries if it accidently gets soaked in a glass of chocolate milk over night , no worries that your baby will suck on it and end up corroding the charging part so you can no longer charge the phone, no worries that you'll set your purse on the ground next to your chair and then scoot your chair in and somehow end up with the chair leg on top of the phone, which is located in your purse, causing the screen to go black for the rest of it's life. Not that I would do any of that. When I bought the phone, I asked the guy to set up my email on it and show me how to text. He looked at me sort of funny. I said, "I bet you've never met anyone my age who's never texted before." He thought for a while and said, "Nope, I haven't".
  • Got a new computer. Been trying to download all of my programs and get used to the new operating system. I'm getting there. That's why it's taken my 2 1/2 weeks to finish this one post. Yep.
  • Our house is for sale. Not too suprising if you know us very well. Shad's getting's been 2 years. = ) We have an offer in on another home that's a short sale. We really hope the bank will accept the offer. I guess it can take any where from 4 months to years for the bank to come through. So we'll see. It's on 2 acres....which I'm so excited about, but a little nervous. We can barley take care of our back porch, even with the help of Ricardo. I'm afraid to see what 2 acres would look like. We'll see if we even get it.
  • Went to a grain seminar a couple of weekend ago with my sister Rebecca. LOVED it. I'm pretty much obsessed with knowledge on whole grains. I'm weird. There is a whole world out there of grains, and we pretty much use just wheat, which so many people are intolerant of. I've been trying to incorporate more grains in my cooking, so we've been eating a mix of cracked spelt, barley, brown rice, popcorn as hot cereal in the mornings. Shad, Elle and I love it. I put coconut oil, pure maple syrup and berries in it. It is really, really good. I also made a taco salad last week and made the ground beef, 1/2 beef and 1/2 red quinoa. It was good.
  • On the flip side of my weird health conscious self, I am still totally and completely obsessed with sugar. I hate it. I really do. I feel like I should check myself into some rehab clinic for sugar addicts. The thing is, I'm not joking. I'm not being sarcastic. I feel like I'm more hooked on treats than I've ever been in my life. And I'm gradually getting larger. Remember a while back when I posted that I was going off sugar for 5 weeks? Well, I did and I got down to my pre-baby weight. Felt great. Felt so in control. Then, when I started eating it again, the addiction came right back. And now, all of my pre-baby clothes that were oh so comfortable a couple of months back, are now oh so tight. Even, more than the weight part of it, I really just want to feel more in control of my body. I also notice that if I stop eating treats, the whole family stops eating them. When I'm hooked on treats, it's the first thing the kids ask for when they wake up and after every meal they eat, they ask, "Can I have a treat since I ate my dinner?" Shad and the kids eat so much healthier, when I eat healthier. I wonder sometimes if I should just never eat treats again. But what a bummer that would be. If anyone has any great words of wisdom for me...I'm all ears.
  • Rebecca moved to Redlands. My older sister who I've talked to every morning on the phone, for years. I can't even describe how wonderful it is and how blessed I feel to live by one of my sisters. Tanner and Kate are thrilled to live by their cousins as well.
  • Amy visited Rebecca to help her move in last month. Of course it's always so fun to see Amy. She's a happy and fun person. Very creative and full of great ideas. She really needs to be a professional organizer....she's amazing. Anyhow, the kids adore her and are always so sad to see her go. Kate talked about her for days after she left and still asks to talk to her on the phone.
Have a happy Friday.