Kerri's first Kung Fu class.

Yesterday was Kerri's first ever Kung Fu class. She received half of her uniform (the pants are on back order), so we substituted them with leggings. Here she is with her class mates and Master Ly, her Sifu (teacher):

And the kids asked for their picture to be taken, as they clowned around:

Kerri did very well considering this was her first class ever in a martial art.
And she did some pretty amazing things, like splits, punches and kicks. But she is in a hurry, and asked her Sifu if she could next learn how to use one of the swords (that were in the room). He laughed.
After an intense hour workout, her Sifu asked if she was tired. Kerri replied, "No! Let's do it again!" She did not want to leave, and as we were getting in the Mama Mobile, she told me: "This was the best day eber!".

She could not wait to come home and show Daddy all she had learned, and is counting down the days until her next class.

Life with Kerri is full of first big steps. And splits, kicks and punches.