Five hunnerd

Blog entry #500!  I should probably commemorate this auspicious occasion in some celebratory way, but I just attended a wine festival yesterday and my liver has asked me to take 'er easy this week. 

I attended the wine festival with one of my fellow rescue volunteers.  We worked our arses off at a huge fundraiser on Saturday, so we felt justified in raising a little hell on Sunday.  There was a fine art fair held in the same park.  I bought a $10 ring.  All it took was one glass of vino and my friend was sporting a $75 necklace.  She cleared the purchase with her husband, but apparently she is gonna have to put out pretty regularly for the next month or so.  We had a lot of fun, though.  There was a grape stomp and we voted for a shirtless young guy.  He really worked for it, stomping the grapes like a pro and catering to the mostly female crowd.  Later, we actually discussed the possibility of following him into a port-a-potty and asking if we could lick his biceps.  Like I said, we'd had a few and these were generously poured glasses, people.  We also walked down a nearby boardwalk and met a sixteen-year-old dog with green teeth.  The sweet, bony old thing just melted our drunken little hearts.  Anyway, it was a good day.  At this point we're not sure if our husbands are going to support future play dates, however.

The fundraiser on Saturday was a lot of work but it paid off - we raised a good chunk of change for the dogs.  We were in a new location, so we have a few kinks to work out for next year, but everyone worked hard and got the job done. There were a lot of vendors there, so I bought a few things when I wasn't running around like a crazy person.  I also won a Patagonia jacket in the silent auction. P and I were working, so I kept pawning our child off on various friends and acquaintances.  A friend of mine is heavily involved in reptile rescue, and she brought a ball python for my serpent-loving kid to hold.  All day long, people were coming up to me and asking if I was aware that my child had a snake wrapped around her.  Each time I would just nod and say, "Yes, my friend brought the snake specifically for that reason." 

That's all the news for now.  I know I've been behind on posting, but the pre-fundraiser activities kept me fully occupied last week.  Thanks for hanging in and waiting for #500.  And thank you for reading my blog - I appreciate the love.  Feel free to raise a glass in my honor, but please do it quietly.