Birthday party in Montreal.

Sunday we headed out to Montreal, to celebrate all the September birthdays and especially Dad's, who turned 70 yesterday.

Kerri and Dana reading a book.

Haydee, Dad and Laura

Laura, our hostess

Ariel, Laura and Dana in the kitchen

Kerri in Laura's garden, picking cherry tomatoes

Kerri also spent part of the afternoon helping herself to grapes, blackberries and raspberries, right off the bushes. She was covered in berry stains.

Dad, enjoying the sun

Kerri and cousin Amy, playing with their toys. Kerri packed an entire suitcase for the trip.

Carla and Ryan

Kerri showing off

Even Kerri's teddy bear got a piggy back ride from Amy

We celebrated Haydee's 60th birthday, Kerri's 6th birthday, Ariel's birthday, my 45th birthday, Dad's 70th birthday and Luis' birthday. So we each got a candle to blow out.

Kerri always covers her ears when she is overstimulated or overwhelmed. But this time I think it was just because we all were singing so horribly.

And we all wore party hats

And then it was time to (spit on) blow out the candles, but first more horrible singing ensued

The choir was not much help

Even hubby contributed his musical talents

But first, a warning from Laura not to spit on the cake

And then the candles went out. By the look on Kerri's face, I think she ignored Laura

Daniela, my Dad, Carla and Ryan

Ariel, Daniela and Sebastian


Luis arrived later, so there was an encore performance and more candle blowing.

We had a wonderful day at Laura's house with our relatives! And we also brought home fresh tomatoes and green peppers from Laura's garden, and the best bagels in Montreal. Thank you Laura for making all our birthdays so special and for your kindness and hospitality. I promise not to spit on the cake next time!

Life with Kerri is fun with family.