time flies

  • so happy and smiley
  • yet has also found her lungs. yes. most definitely found them.
  • loves me the most. love it mostly. but sometimes drives me crazy.
  • wants to eat real food. not baby food. not rice cereal/oatmeal. real yummy food.
  • no teeth yet
  • distracted while nursing. we'll be nursing along and then one noise in the background, and bam. she's pulled off and staring around the room frantically.
  • besides me, her favorite person is tanner. she lights up when he's around. he can make her laugh like no one else.
  • still a bit scared of kate
  • tries to sit up all the time
  • she thinks I'm an open tap. all. night. long. finally let her cry through the night a couple of weeks back. now she'll sleep from about 7:30-8pm to 4:30-5am.
  • likes me to carry her. all. day. long. ANYone else can put her on the ground, in the swing or in the exersaucer, BUT ME. if i do she screams, cries and stares at me. as soon as i pick her up...she stops immediately. it's really exhausting.
  • she'll be playing with shad and the kids happily and if i walk in or she hears my voice, she starts whining, crying, staring at me.
  • rolls and scoots everywhere. set her down in one spot and find her 10 feet away a few minutes later.
  • sleeps on her tummy. the first of the kids to do that. i start her on her back and she immediately rolls to her tummy. if i roll her onto her back again, she just rolls onto to her tummy. it's really cute.
She's brought so much joy into our family. It's amazing how babies can do that. Almost daily, Tanner says, "I'm so glad we have a baby. Babies are fun."