Greek Fest 2010

Yesterday - on a whim- we decided to tackle the Greek Fest, accompanied by cousin David and Nana.

Here we arriving, hungry and waiting in line for food! Nana took pictures too, and I will share those when she sends them to me!

Thank goodness we had plenty of entertainment while we waited. There were Greek bands, and dancers from Poland, Romania and Columbia. And we met a Roman soldier too. As well as the head of the Greek Orthodox church that is putting on the festival (it is a fundraiser for their charity work) - who, by the way is from Argentina.

Kerri decided she needed to take pictures.

And then she took one of me while I was taking a picture of her.

And just like a pro, she checked out her shot.

We sat down to eat authentic Greek food and desserts. And then a young lady rushed by and spilled half her beer on my back. It was cold! And I spent the rest of the evening smelling like a drunk. As we were leaving the tent with the tables, Nana pointed and said, "Look, rides!". And Kerri lit up like a firecracker, jumping up and down for joy. And the next hour was all smiles as she went on the Ferris wheel...

...and then the choo choo train.

Followed by a dizzying ride on the carousel:

Which Nana was brave enough to accompany Kerri on.

Then Kerri sped by on an airplane:

And cousin David took her to the fun house where she went for a spin:

And she never got dizzy!

Last of all, Nana took her on the spinning penguin ride:

And Kerri spun Nana around so fast, Nana looked green:

And then Kerri tried her luck at the games. But before we had a chance to explain all the rules, she had already won. She was so fast I never got a chance to take a picture! Here she is with her prize, but I have no idea why Nana and Daddy have their heads tilted:

So I tried again:

And it looks like Daddy was going to remain crooked so I gave up:

Kerri loved her dolphin that she picked out as a prize. And she said that this was "the best day eber!". She spent the entire evening smiling. And jumping up and down with happiness. It was awesome to share this wonderful evening of Greek fun with cousin David and Nana Jessica. Thank you for making a very special little girl extremely happy!

Life with Kerri is a carnival of smiles.