Cake Making Machine

What I need to bake before the end of the month:

34 vanilla cakes
3 banana cakes
2 (14 inch) lemon poppy seed cakes
8 fudge cakes
2 gluten free chocolate cakes
6 orange cakes

As well as at least 25 dozen cookies a week for Expertec's little perpetually empty cookie jar.

Yesterday I got nine of those cakes done. Will do at least seven more today.

More of this week's To-Do list:

Pick cucumbers and beets and make pickles.
Pick strawberries and blueberries and make jam and sauce.
Harvest the garlic.
Plant lettuce and cilantro.
Harvest basil and make pesto.
Repair/replace two zippers before the boy who wears the pants leaves for Peru in two days.
Write three wedding cake contracts.
Pick up flowers at the florist.
Decorate and deliver three large wedding cakes.

With five of the seven kids home, I think I'll make them earn their keep...

Time to delegate!